XO sees furniture as a tale, an elective companion that gives heart and meaning to the place that hosts it. XO sees furniture as a dress: decorated, embroidered, wrapped in fabrics and refined by wooden leaves and inlays, fringes, tassels. Full of little details and large signs.
Starting from classical types, this collection explores new boundaries, progressing into new and contemporary languages. The roots of its inspiration can be found in the historical names of Italian design, geniuses and artists that left a permanent mark in the XX century history of furniture.

XO experiments embroidery – usually related just to fabrics – turned in graphical decoration, overlapped and black and white drown, where classical motifs are background for gaudy natural elements. The rose, a typical embroidery decoration, runs through the collection playing with unusual proportions, just like other elements from traditional upholstery, such as fringes and tassels.
XO production is entirely made in Tuscany.