Work in progress

estemporaneo XO collection

The Estemporaneo home is full of activity. With the embroideries, tassels and fabrics, the XO collection is taking shape.

Our first XO collection, was conceived during the fall 2015, now as a baby it is going to see the light, the first prototype is taking shape.

We had to study all details, testing the proportions, optimize the design of the decorations, of the embroidery, choosing the exact colors of the yarn, studying the drawers, handles, tassels, the type of finish and the materials of the entire cabinet.

I and Antonella are stacking up several kilometers to reach the various suppliers, whe re choosed they among the most skiful Tuscan craftsmen. We follow and we take care all phases, step by step.

For us, it is hard to keep up with the times of the making, it seems long for us, we are got used to performance and speedy happenings that are created and destroyed within a few months, we are literally entering in stress 🙂 we would like to see it already finished, and instead we have to wait, to take care of every stages. The first parts are ready, embroidery, handles, tassels, we just have to cheering it on, so that of all is ready, assembled, finished and painted.

At the same time, is our definition of designers that takes shape, clearness, it’s like the development of a traditional photographic print that into the emulsion and into the darkness takes color, sharpness, contrast, revealing of itself all its image but also all its meaning. Our enthusiasm grows with each small step that we see go to the final stage.
We just have to wait…  and at the same time continue to keep up new kilometers :-).




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