Double Secretaire XO

A visually striking black/white optical effect for this original “Siamese” cabinet. Finely crafted finishes with meticulous details, comprising multi-coloured embroidery, large tassels and golden handles.

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Light MDF wood structure, formaldehyde-free, in two types of wood veneer: black ivory and arctic white tanganyika frisé for some parts of the interior. Solid beech base. The decoration is achieved by printing on wood veneer. Gloss varnish.

The door fronts, padded panels upholstered with black faux leather entirely finished with double embroidery, have a superimposed grey floral background, with one or more roses in 16 colours.

The door opens allowing access to the internal compartment divided into sections with double drawers, a flap door and open compartments. Two pairs of trays and two polished gold metal paperweights embellish the inside of the compartment and the inside of the doors.

Gloss golden brass handles.

Large gold Tripolina tassels.

W 126 D 55 H 186 cm



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