Cabinet XO

A visually striking black/white optical effect for this version of the classic cabinet. Finely crafted finishes with meticulous details, comprising multi-coloured embroidery, large tassels and golden handles that closely recall the decoration of the cabinet.



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Light MDF wood structure, formaldehyde-free, faced with two types of wood veneer: black ivory and arctic white tanganyika frisé. Gloss varnish.
The door fronts, comprising padded panels upholstered with black faux leather entirely finished with double embroidery, have a grey floral background with a superimposed crane in 16 colours.
The main compartment has a two-tone internal shelf and closes with two doors.
The underside has two drawers with a handle grip and a low “secret” drawer with a pressure opening. They also have a two-tone interior.
The legs are coated in gold leaf with gloss varnish.
Polished golden brass handles.
Large gold Tripolina tassels.

Dimension W138  D63  H210 cm