Cabinet Bar A

Like a magic chest, this cabinet reveals a precious interior to house its bar function. The outside is in line with the rest of the collection and is decorated with black hexagonal textures on a white background. The bee decorative theme enhances it with copper inserts. Tassels in four shades of grey emerge from the doors.
Two versions, A and B, to choose from or pair together. Below, a single drawer with a bottle holder basket inside. The handles are metal with a copper-coloured finish.

Dimension: W 142 D 62 H 190 cm

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This Cabinet bar is made from plywood covered in black wood veneer and a choice of canaletto walnut or rosewood, with white/black and copper inlays. The internal decorations and handles are metal with a copper-coloured finish.
The inside is decorated with amber-coloured mirrors. The stainless steel bottle holder basket is contained in the drawer below.
Strengthened by an internal metal structure, the legs are made from solid beechwood with a black finish and are embellished with a vertical brass line.
The Tripolina tassels feature threads in four shades of grey.
The middle surface is finished in gold leaf.
Semi-gloss finish.



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