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In the heart of XO production

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“Dad! Turn the lights on! Otherwise we won’t see it!”
Here we are, in the midst of relative realities, how do you say.. “in the heart of XO production”. That production, sometimes invisible, but impossible to stay with mouth open.

Because they are the kind of people who give life to their designs, the “creative types”, who do their work with dedication and passion. They do it with their own hands and all of their hearts.

If you ask them a question they answer as if you were one of them, as if you were going to do it yourself.
“What is that yellow stuff? Glue. And the red? Glue! Hm, now I’ll explain to you..”
Obviously every lesson always begins with a smile on the lips.
Twenty minutes later I had learnt chapter and verse of all the necessary details.
And then you need to exercise time and patience.
A lot of patience.

You can’t engineer everything, there are things that must be done with the hands.
If it is called “Artisanship” there is a reason for it.




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