Estemporaneo Blog

A year ago, the proposal to hold a course on our profession, set design, brought us to put the analytic material of this specific yet little known line of work on paper.

The Estemporaneo Blog offers a collection of this material, but will also serve as an illustrated log of new adventures in the creation of furniture.


Set design is an expression that sets the mood of photo shoots. In theater, it also refers of stage design, while in film it is called production design.

Traditionally speaking, set designers did not have very specific training. For example, set design was the prerogative of the photographer for photo shoots, and stage designers for theater would personally paint sets. Today, professionals are increasingly specific: in the last twenty years, more and more professionals have specialized in set design and set styling. While set design is the concept and design of the staged space, prop styling is linked to research and the stylistic use of props.

The environment in which a scene unfolds may be genuine, or on a so-called location, created artificially in a studio. Here, still life is expressed on a smaller scale, which has a deeply-rooted artistic tradition and is closely related to photography.