Estemporaneo Xo CollectionFor each padded item in the XO collection, the best range and combinations of polyurethane are researched to obtain the shape and type of softness for the required padding. All this is achieved with a focus on the finest quality craftsmanship.

Embroidery and fabrics

 XO CollectionThe exclusive designs of the XO collection have been optimized for embroidery. They have been carefully divided into areas of colour and matched with those chosen from the colour palette. Each panel on the furniture in the collection comprises a monochrome background embroidered by machines able to create large backgrounds and superimposed multi-colour subjects, achieved using the double embroidery technique.

Tassels and fringes

 Work in progress estemporaneo xo collection The large tassels have been exclusively designed by Estemporaneo to meet customer specifications. The interior, specifically made of white PVC, is upholstered in gold Tripolina cord and houses the fringe tuft present in various lengths on the furniture in the collection.